Twinkies off the shelves for good

Hostess products off the shelves for good

You may want to rush to your local grocer for Twinkies, that is if there are still any left on the shelves.

Hostess has announced that it has plans to liquidate its business, costing more than 18,000 people their jobs.

Both the Ottumwa South and Kirksville Hy-Veeâ??s are officially sold out of Twinkies.

Managers said there was a rush of people Friday stocking up on the almost extinct sweet treat.

â??I guess that the company, I understand the company liquidated and we got a couple customers come in today and wanted to grab some Twinkies because they wanted to make sure they got their last Twinkie fix I guess before anybody else buys them out or does something different I guess. So this is all we have left and when itâ??s done I guess that's it. We wonâ??t get any more Suzy Qâ??s or Twinkies or anything,â?? said Jim Cain, South Ottumwa Hy-Vee Manager.

So now customers will have to look to other brands to get their sweet tooth fix. The last bit of Hostess products will most likely be flying off shelves in the next few days.