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      Two approvals by Macon City Council

      The Macon City Council approved two new issues during their meeting Tuesday evening.

      The council first approved a new ordinance to extended a grant between the city and the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission.

      The grant extension will allow continued reimbursement for land accusation and improvement projects at Macon Fower Memorial Airport. The airport recently expanded their runway and new Jet Propellant 8 fuel that can service more business aircrafts.

      "The runway is done. It's 75 feet wide and 4,250 feet long which has really helped our commercial traffic and to the airport. It's already working for us. We're just doing this to see if we can finalize the final aspects of the project," said Macon City Administrator Allan Muncy

      Next the council approved a cooperative agreement with Macon County Amature Radio Emergency Services (Macon ARES) and Macon County Amature Radio (MCARC) .

      The HAMS radio groups wanted a location for their emergency trailer. The city will be providing a public grounds building on the east side of town for the trailer. The council said it will be a very accessible tool to use during an emergency situation.