Two big melons!

It TMs harvest season and one local farmer bags two giant melons. Gary Coy has two watermelons over 100 pounds. They were picked Thursday and he took them to M-F-A in LaPlata to weigh. The biggest weighs 131.5 pounds. The smaller melon weighs 118 pounds.

And even though they not the world TMs biggest watermelons, Coy is pretty proud.

It TMs the biggest melon I ever grown. I had a hundred-19 pounder last year and I wanted to beat that record. It TMs not a world TMs record or nothing, but it TMs my record, explained Coy.

Coy also grew a 31-pound cantaloupe.

So what do you do with two giant melons?

Well|we might have a watermelon feed and we TMll probably save some seeds cause we got to keep these good genetics growing, said Coy.