Two car thefts in Ottumwa in last 45 days

In the past 45 days, there have been two car thefts in Ottumwa.

One of the cars ended up in Des Moines and the other car ended up in south Ottumwa. Seen here is the stolen SVU that ended up being run into this house on Chester Ave. last week.

In one of the car theft cases, the keys were in the car and the other car was broken into.

Depending on the insurance company, if the keys are left in the car at the time of the theft that could be a liability they wonâ??t cover. Other companies will consider it theft and go on and process it as normal.

â??Both of our situations we were able to handle it for the client. The unfortunate thing is about, you have a car stolen and then it's found and it's trashed. So you've got two different claims going on. You have a claim going on for theft, then you have a claim going on for exterior damage or interior damage that has to be paid. Either way, the customer's deductible is going to be involved in the claim,â?? said Thomas Shafer, Farmers Insurance Agent.

Shafer said a car theft is considered a comprehensive loss meaning you use your deductible and the insurance company replaces the car.

The most important thing when you have a loss such as car theft is to call the police and then your insurance agent.

When you pl ace the claim there will be so many days that the insurance company will wait to see if the car has been found before they go ahead and process the claim. When the claim is processed, the company will want the title of the car and any information about the car and it then signs over to the insurance company.

Shafer said to always make sure to lock your doors and to never leave your keys or any valuables in your car.