Two Centerville teens charged with arson

Dakota Campbell of Centerville and Jonathan Duzenberry of Centerville

Two teenagers in Centerville were arrested and charged with arson following a field fire that took place Monday in rural Appanoose County.

The Appanoose County Sheriff's Office says that the two teens, Dakota Campbell, 17, of Centerville and Jonathan Duzenberry, 17, of Centerville have been charged with Arson in the 2nd Degree after investigators determined that the fire that took place Monday, just after 6:30 p.m., was intentionally set by the teens.

Campbell and Duzenberry are being held in a juvenile detention facility.

In the recent weeks, the Appanoose County Sheriff's Office and the Centerville Police Department have both been investigating several fire across the area.

Investigators are still trying to determine if any of the fire are connected.

Press release from Sheriff Gary Anderson:

On Monday, October 8th at approximately 1835 the Appanoose County Law Center received a report of a field on fire in the 27000 Block of 195th Avenue in Appanoose County.

An investigation in to the fire resulted in a determination that the fire was intentionally set and ruled an arson case.

A joint investigation between the Appanoose County Sheriff and Centerville Police resulted in two juveniles being charged in the case.

Dakota Anthony Campbell, age 17, of Centerville and Jonathan D. Duzenberry, age 17, of Centerville were both charged with Arson in the 2nd Degree (Class "C" Felony) and Possession of an Explosive/Incendiary Device (Class "C" Felony).

Both Campbell and Duzenberry are being held in juvenile detention and awaiting further court proceedings.

The Sheriffâ??s Office and Police Department are actively conducting a joint investigation in to recent fires throughout Appanoose County and Centerville. Investigators are gathering Page 2

evidence, conducting interviews and diligently working to establish if the fires are connected.

Both Sheriff Anderson and Chief Demry encourage citizens to report any strange vehicles, persons, or activity in the areas of their residences or rural areas.

A criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law.