Two middle schoolers shovel their way to success

7th graders Isaiah Erbst and Anothony Hamm have been shoveling driveways on their snow days

Thereâ??s no doubt that kids in the area have been enjoying the snow days â?? hanging out and relaxing.

But for a couple of Evans Middle School 7th graders, theyâ??ve been doing nothing but hard work.

For the past couple of days Isaiah Erbst and Anothony Hamm have been shoveling driveways, more than 20 of them!

They said each one takes them between 30 and 45 minutes depending on how big the driveway is and how much energy they have.

And yes, theyâ??ve been bringing in the money.

â??We made quite a bit of money, $250 all together,â?? said Erbst.

â??It's taken a lot of hard work though. You can't be lazy if you're going to do this. You really got to get out there. We've been waking up super early to do this so we can get business. We'll probably keep half and spend the other half on stuff to grow our business,â?? said Hamm.

â??And in the summer we're going to start mowing and pretty much all your lawn care needs pretty much,â?? said Erbst.

These business savvy kids even have their own Facebook page for their businesses O-Town â??Odd Jobsâ?? Guys.