Two more arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism

Fred Marshall Kirfman, 17, of Ottumwa

UPDATE: 3:00 p.m. Wednesday.

According to the juvenile complaint affidavit, Troi Milstead admitted to planning the shooting and approached a male student to recruit him to be a participant. Milstead also admitted to helping make a "hit list" of the students they wanted to kill.

Fred Kirfman was approached by two students to participate in the proposed school shooting. His job was to manufacture the homemade bombs and acquire the firearms. The affidavit states Kirfman was aware of a hit list made by the other students and had a personal list of his own intended targets. When asked what he would do when he met a student on the list, Kirfman said he would shoot them in the head.

Police Chief Jim Clark had this to say:

"We originally made the arrest and intervened to make sure the safety was ensured for students and staff. The other two students were arrested once we did have enough evidence and probable cause to charge them. I think at this point, the school is safe and there is no further danger from this group of people doing anything [at the high school]."

Clark said he does not anticipate any more arrests in relation to this incident.

The Ottumwa Police Department Tuesday announced that two additional students have been taken into custody for conspiring to shoot students at the Ottumwa High School.

Emily Kay Six, 16, of Ottumwa, was arrested in December for Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism. The investigation began when a student notified school officials that Six was soliciting other students to help her carry out a plan to shoot students at the high school.

In addition to Six, Fred Marshall Kirfman, 17, and Troi LeighAnn Milstead, 15, both of Ottumwa have been taken into custody and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism. Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism is a Class D Felony.

Kirfman and Milstead were transported to a juvenile detention facility.

The case against Emily Kay Six is being adjudicated in juvenile court. She will not be tried as an adult. The hearing to determine if she is to be considered delinquent or not is scheduled for February 10.

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