Two truckloads of marijuana seized from Adair County farm

Deputies seized enough pot to fill up two pick-up trucks.

UPDATE: The Sheriff's Department says they seized 1,082 plants.


Fewer illegal drugs have a chance of making it onto the streets thanks to local law enforcement.

The Adair County Sheriff's Office filled two pickup trucks with marijuana that was taken from a farm in Adair County. Officials say they had been watching the farm for â??some time.â?? The Sheriff's Department says it's too early to say how much pot was seized or what the street value would be. It took an hour and a half to pull all the plants.

"Some of these plants are over eight to 10 feet tall," said Sheriff Robert Hardwick. "They have a water supply and a good soil source, so it's time to harvest it this time of the year as we move in between now and the fall. Up bright and early this morning, my staff and my deputies and I went out and pulled it."

The weed was taken to an open area and burned. No one at the farm has been taken into custody.