Tyler Olson addresses SE Iowa's water issues

Tyler Olson

At Saturdayâ??s meet and greet with state representative Tyler Olson, some people in the community raised questions regarding Iowa's water issues.

Since May, the nitrate levels in the Des Moines River have exceeded the maximum contaminant level of ten parts per million established by the EPA. The Ottumwa Water Works has been blending river water with alternate water sources to bring the nitrate level down. The 37-year-old democratic candidate for governor addressed the concern of the water problems facing Southeast Iowa.

â??Clean water's really important, and a clean environment is very important,â?? Olson said. â??I think it's really an opportunity for Iowa to offer people a connection with a natural environment, but it's really going to take a strategy that understands that importance and really nurtures and sustains the environment and sees it as an attribute as opposed as something to be used up.â??

Olson says the first step of tackling this requires the funds to do so, which the Ottumwa Water Works currently does not have expensive nitrate removal equipment like the city of Des Moines has. The Des Moines Water Works also experiences the same issues with high nitrate levels in their water.