Undetected water main breaks require Ottumwa residents to conserve water

Ottumwa Water and Hydro

Undetected water main breaks are causing a drain on the Ottumwa community's water storage.

Ottumwa Water and Hydro managed to locate two significant leaks overnight. Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers says the system is losing two million gallons of water everyday, however.

â??It's been very much a mystery in some cases, and I think it's because with the frozen ground, the water isn't coming up like it usually would with the water main break, so they've been very hard to detect,â?? Rodgers said. â??They have a professional firm coming into help assist with that, so hopefully we'll get the situation remedied.â??

Residents and businesses are asked to conserve as much water as possible to maintain pressure in the system. Rodgers recommends taking shorter showers rather than longer ones, and washing full loads of laundry and dishes, rather than shorter loads. As of right now, the water quality is perfectly safe out of the tap.