Unionville woman wants her dog let out of the city pound

<p>Crissy Dekoning's 5-year-old husky, Rambo, got tazed twice by Unionville Police.</p>


After dog owner, Crissy Dekoning, received a $125 donation to pay fees for the incident, she claims she was issued another fine by the Unionville Police Department on Wednesday evening.

"Then he comes and finds me at the Dollar General, issues me a ticket the minute I come out of the store, he's like oh... I got to give you a ticket and I'm like for what? He says it's for an animal at large. I'm like, he's not loose, he's home and he says I have to give you another ticket, this is before we tased him," said Dekoning.

Many concerned neighbors have responded to the incident saying the Unionville Police Department abuses their power.

"If they were justified in the use of force against this dog, then why haven't they released the videos to prove it? They seem to forget that they are elected by the people, all of the people," said Marti Poush.

Witnesses of the incident met KTVO Wednesday afternoon at a local convenience store and said officers have released several different versions of what happened.

Witnesses say Rambo had three fish hook wires on him while in the pound and they don't understand why police acted in such a manner.

"If the town wants change, stand together. Together we have power. The town is now being watched by media and your elected officials have caused this. Get involved. Attend board meetings. It's your money, your town," says Poush.

Rambo was released to Dekoning just after 3 p.m. Wednesday.


KTVO received the following statement from Unionville Police Chief, Tim Corwin regarding the incident:

On March 15, at approximately 11:30 p.m. the Unionville Police Department responded to the 1200 block of Washington St. based on a report of a husky type dog killing another homeownerâ??s cats.

The responding officer arrived and exited his vehicle and observed a dead cat and a husky type dog. The officer gained the dogâ??s attention and the dog reportedly approached the officer and attempted to bite him.

The officer backed up to his patrol car and the dog reportedly came toward the officer once again.

At that point the officer tazed the animal and the animal ran off.

Due to the aggressive nature of the dog, the officer followed the dog to another location and gained assistance from bystanders. One bystander was nearly bit on the arm while assisting.

The officer tazed the animal once again and the bystanders were able to assist using a catch pole to capture animal.

The animal was taken to the Unionville Pound. The owners have paid all fees and re-claimed the animal.


Crissy Dekoning's 5-year-old husky, Rambo, somehow got out of her yard last Friday night.

Unionville Police found the dog and claimed the dog was aggressive toward them. Officers tased the dog twice and took it to the pound. Rambo has been there since.

The city says Dekoning has to pay a $125 fine or her dog will be put down in a few days.

Dekoning said her dog is very gentle and wouldn't hurt anyone.

"I was told when the officer tried to get the dog to come to him, that he lunged at him and tried to attack him. My dog has never growled at kids, adults, nobody. My dog when he rolls over and wants you to scratch his belly. So I find that very hard to believe," Dekoning said.

Dekoning has demanded to see the tape that shows the dog was tazed. She has not been allowed to see it.

An attorney for the police advised them not to talk to us, but the case is under investigation.

We're told that city hall will allow the dog to be adopted outside of city limits.

There are family friends in Putnam County who want to take the dog in.