United States Senator Roy Blunt proposes new bill

A United States Senator from Missouri is currently working on a new bill.

Senator Roy Blunt recently proposed the so-called 'Enforce the Law Act'. That Act would ensure that the President upholds constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the law. This proposal follows President Obama's threats to take action on the Environmental Protection Agency's Regulatory Overreach. Senator Blunt stresses that it's important to challenge those regulations. This Act would make sure members of Congress are paying closer attention to what's being made a law, and how it is written.

"It would simply allow members of Congress if a majority of either house believes the law is not being enforced as written, to go to court sooner rather then later and get that decision made," said United States Senator Roy Blunt.

The 'Enforce the Law Act' proposed by Senator Blunt has already been passed by the House of Representatives. The Senator says he's received a lot of support for his proposal.