United Way holds official ribbon cutting ceremony

The United Way of Adair County and Northeast Missouri held its official ribbon cutting for the campaign thermometer for the year.

The United Way of Adair County and Northeast Missouri is working to raise $250,000 this year.

A small crowd gathered Friday morning at the Kirksville courthouse lawn to see the official ribbon cutting for this year's campaign thermometer.

The organization already has $56,000 in contributions for the year, which is almost 30 percent of the overall goal.

United Way Director John Dungan said the organization will have several more fundraisers throughout the year.

â??We'll be getting materials out to people through their workplaces and some people will be receiving them in the mail,â?? Dungan said. â??A little later in October weâ??ll have people bringing door hangers around town, so keep your eye out for united way materials.â??

To find out more information on the United Way, they can be reached at 660-665-1924.