United Way hosts Day of Caring in Kirksville

The United Way of Adair County teamed up with "project homeless connect" to help provide health services to members of the community on Friday

Health professionals volunteered their time at The Crossing Church.

Members of the community set up booths to help people get the treatment they need.

The United Way's goal was to eliminate barriers to progress like long lines, signing in and traveling to multiple locations.

United Way executive director John Dungan says all the volunteers helped make today's event a success.

"We hope that there are both service providers and volunteers who have been here to help out with the program today who feel a little more connection to folks in the community who need a hand up and that they might also have a sense that they are able to contribute something and that they're able to make a difference because every person's efforts do make a difference."

Dungan says he's proud of the turnout from volunteers and looks forward to helping the community with more events like this in the future.