United Way of Wapello County gearing up for annual campaign

United Way of Wapello County is gearing up to launch its annual campaign.

Organizers say the campaign is about more than raising money. The non-profit organization's main focus is to raise funds for its various projects around the community, including the Community Garden initiative to feed those who don't have enough to eat. The first day of the campaign kicks off on Friday, Sept. 5, and it wraps up at the end of the year.

â??One of the unique things about United Way is that the donations are combined with the thousands of other people who donate to United Way and then make we make investments in our community, education, and health and the money stays here too,â?? Desiree Johnson, United Way of Wapello County CEO and President, said. â??I always tell people that the money that is donated to United Way stays here in our community of Wapello County helping the people of Wapello County.â??

Last year, United Way of Wapello County raised nearly $560,000. The organization has upped its goal this year, and will announce that number next week. Organizers say there are multiple ways you can donate to United Way. For more information click here.