University of Missouri Extension Program turns 100

University of Missouri Extension celebrates 100 years of service and education.

The University of Missouri Extension Program has something big to celebrate this week.

It was on May 8th, 1914 when Congress established the Cooperative Extension Service with the Smith-Leever Act.

The purpose of the act was to aid in diffusing useful and practical information on subjects relating to agriculture in universities across the nation including in Missouri.

The act also provided funding and structure for extension to continue and expand.

"Extension first started as classrooms in railroad cars and those cars were sent to rural communities throughout Missouri to where citizens can come and learn various things. We have come such a long way. Now we incorporate technology and various things into our programs," said Jennifer Schutter of the University of Missouri Extension.

Today the MU Extension Program has university-based research and knowledge beyond the campus into all 114 missouri counties.

It has helped strengthen families, businesses and communities.

The University held a 100 Year Extension Celebration last week on the main campus in Columbia.

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