Unusual weather pattern causing unusual allergy season

It has been a really busy allergy season in the Heartland so far and a different one than in previous years thanks to the weather. Kirksville Allergy and Asthma has seen about a 20 percent increase in patients this year thanks to bad allergies. Dr. Lary Ciesemier says the late start of spring has caused a super intense season for allergens coming from trees, grass and mold.

With the unusual weather pattern that's been going on all year long, it's hard to predict how this fall's allergy season will be. "For better or worse, the pollen season is really weather dependent. So if we have a warm dry fall, we'll have allergens like mold and if it's a wet fall, we'll have more weed pollen. So it's hard to predict what's going to come in the future," Ciesemier said.

Ciesemier also said if you're experiencing bad allergies, try over-the-counter antihistamine medication first to see if that will calm the allergies down. If that doesn't work, then going to an allergist to get tested would be the next step so you can get prescription medication or allergy shots.