Upcoming blood drive honors donor's memory

In 2005, the Lorton family lost their beloved family member after a car accident.

Although blood transfusions could not keep 19-year-old Stefani Lorton alive, it did help keep her alive long enough so her organs could be donated like she wanted.

Her mother Karen Lorton along with the American Red Cross and The Highland Crest Assisted Living invite you to the 8th annual blood drive in memory of Stefani.

â??Itâ??s just one more way to keep her memory going; to keep what she believed in going,â?? Karen Lorton said. â??Itâ??s kind of a healing process every year we do it, and itâ??s just a really good feeling to do it.â??

Stefaniâ??s aunt Kim Baker said Stefani dedicated her life to giving blood.

She made it to the status of a 3 gallon donor. â??That means she gave every 56 days to obtain the status of a 3 gallon donor,â?? Kim Baker said. â??She was also an organ donor. This has become important to us because it was important to her.â??

The blood drive is on October 1 from one to six p.m. on the Red Cross donor coach.

The family said they will have food, door prizes and more.

So, if you are able to donate Karen Lorton said. â??It only hurts for a second and its 20 minutes of your time for a good cause.â??