Updated-NEMO Navy SEAL dies in Afghanistan

U.S. Navy Seal, Adam Olin Smith

(Updated Story) The Department of Defense announced Wednesday afternoon that a Navy SEAL from northeast Missouri was one of four sailors who died Tuesday in a helicopter crash.

It happened during combat operations in a rugged section of southern Afghanistan.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam O. Smith, 26, formerly of Bevier, was one of nine U.S. service members onboard the chopper.

Smith was assigned to an East-Coast-based SEAL team.

Smith was a graduate of Bevier High School.

In his younger years, he also attended school in the Knox County School District.

Smith's funeral arrangements are pending with Hutton and McElwain Funeral Home in Macon.

A funeral home spokeswoman told KTVO Wednesday afternoon that Smith's family was informed that the Navy won't release his body to the family for five to seven days.

The Associated Press reports the cause of the helicopter crash is not clear.

NATO said there were no reports of enemy fire at the time of the crash.

Aircraft are used extensively in Afghanistan to transport and supply troops because the terrain is mountainous and roads are few and primitive.

(Below is the KTVO story from 9-21-10)

Another U.S. service member from northeast Missouri has died in Afghanistan.

U.S. Navy Seal, Adam Olin Smith, 26, formerly of Bevier, was killed Tuesday while serving his country, according to

Details of Smith TMs death are not yet available.

A helicopter carrying nine U.S. service members crashed in southern Afghanistan Tuesday, killing all nine.

The Department of Defense told KTVO it cannot confirm yet if Smith was one of those onboard.

A spokeswoman from the department said Congress requires them to wait 24 hours after the victims' families are notified of the deaths before publicly releasing the names of those killed.

Smith's funeral arrangements are pending with Hutton and McElwain Funeral Home in Macon.

The funeral home said it's waiting to learn when Smith's body will be returned to the U.S. before it can make arrangements.