Upstairs Downstairs event allows Ottumwans to see Main Street renovations

Ottumwans were able to see the transformation of downtown buildings Saturday on tours during th Upstairs Downstairs event.

The event provided guests a chance to see these buildings the Main Street community is working on renovating.

Some of these spaces are turning into living spaces and some into businesses.

Two of those buildings included the old Capri and Capitol theatres.

Both buildings are currently owned by the Legacy Foundation.

The theatre spaces will be utilized for arts.

Legacy Foundation member Jeff Hendred said the goal is to make the spaces once again profitable for the city.

"Profitable in the financial aspect, profitable in terms of visual--profitable for the whole community," said Hendred. "Since we're bringing just a beat back to what's happening here and what can happen in the community."

He said since the theatres have been closed for years, it provides an opportunity to reminisce about what used to be and get a taste of what's to come.