US Cellular's Calling All Teachers Campaign


September 16th is the final day projects can be submitted to be eligible for a share of $500,000 through U.S. Cellular and

U.S. Cellularâ??s Calling All Teachers campaign is back for the first time since 2010 and will donate another $500,000 to help teachers fund projects to enhance their studentsâ?? learning experience. The company is working with and inviting teachers in the Boonville area to post their projects on the site for potential funding, but projects must be posted by September 16th to be eligible for this funding. is a philanthropic website that helps teachers find funds from corporate and individual donations for classroom projects, and it plays an important role in helping U.S. Cellular to demonstrate its continuing commitment to education.

â??Teachers influence children in so many positive ways, so we want to help them provide an excellent learning experience for students,â?? said Josh Beelman, area sales manager for U.S. Cellular in Kirksville. â??At U.S. Cellular, we are committed to schools and the Calling All Teachers campaign is a way for teachers to get the tools they need to advance their studentsâ?? education.â??

With the new school year now underway, wish-list projects are fresh on the minds of teachers, and their question of how they are ever going to be able to get the funds needed could have an answer. Public school teachers simply need to register online at, affiliate as a U.S. Cellular teacher, and then post their classroom projects by the September 16th deadline to have them considered for funding.

In 2010, more than 150 teachers in Missouri received the exciting news from U.S. Cellular that their classroom projects had been funded, and the local donations totaled $91,125, benefitting more than 16,000 students across the state. In all, when the campaign was held in 2009 and 2010, U.S. Cellular donated a total of $2.1 million to fund more than 3,800 classroom projects, which included purchasing musical instruments, reading games, technology tools, and science experiments.

â??We want to make it easy for anyone to help teachers get what is needed to improve studentsâ?? education,â?? said Charles Best, founder and CEO of â??When companies like U.S. Cellular step forward to provide donations like this, it can impact thousands of students.â??

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