US Postal Service asks for sidewalks to be free of snow to ensure deliveries

In light of the recent snowfall, the US Postal Service is asking that you clear snow and ice from your sidewalk. Doing so will help ensure the delivery of mail, and at the same time keep mail carriers safe.

The Kirksville Postmaster is asking that snow and ice on sidewalks, stairs, and mailboxes be cleared to the best of the residents' ability. Delivery may be delayed whenever streets or walkways present hazardous conditions for mail carriers.

The Postal Service only cancels mail delivery after careful consideration, and as a last resort.

"If you have a mail box that we are walking up to already, we need the snow and the ice moved out of the way so the carrier can safely get to the mail box. We have a lot of carriers that slip and fall every year," said Greg Steiner, Kirksville Postmaster.

Steiner also wants to remind businesses with collection boxes near their property that those sidewalks also need to be kept clear for customers to deposit mail and for postal employees to retrieve mail for processing.