U.S. Postal Service asks to clear snow to keep carriers safe

WIth how active the winter weather season has been, post offices want both carriers and customers to be safe.

With how active the winter weather season has been so far, the U.S. Postal Service is reminding everyone, both carriers and customers, to be safe.

At the Post Office in Macon, letter carriers are taking extra precautions while out driving and delivering mail by wearing their seat belts and using traction controls.

Blue collection boxes are also being kept clear for customers to drop off their mail.

All in all, the post office is working hard to make sure the weather doesn't delay your mail and deliveries.

"The carriers are use to it. They do really well and know when the weather gets like this, they have to slow down and do things a bit differently. They do really good," said Postmaster Bill Reitz.

Reitz said that this winter can never be compared to the big snowstorm back in February 2011, which halted mail service for a couple of days.

The Postal Service is also asking customers to help clear and shovel ice and snow from sidewalks, stairs and porches to make sure carriers have a clear path to their mailbox.