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      USDA funds new city and county police vehicles

      The USDA has funded new police vehicles for Macon County and the city of Macon.

      The USDA Rural Development State Director, Anita Dunning, announced funding for the two projects on behalf of Macon County Economic Development.

      â??Ensuring public safety is essential for promoting quality community life. Having the proper equipment is necessary in order to provide coverage expected by and required for residents and visitors to our rural areas,â?? said Dunning.

      A $58,900 will be used to purchase four vehicles for the Macon County Sheriff's Department.

      Thereâ??s also a $41,100 loan and a $7,500 grant being used to purchase three police vehicles for the city of Macon.

      Economic Development Director, Denise Bennett, says it feels good to be able to assist in community development when there is a need.

      â??I am proud of our community, that they're proactive. Iâ??m grateful that the USDA exists and all the funding they make available to small communities like ours. Without them, we wouldn't be able to do these projects. We are very appreciative of the USDA,â?? said Bennett.

      The USDA works to develop community facilities and economic development projects in rural areas.

      You may find more information on its rural programs here.