Using a credit card to get you out of jail

Adair County residents will soon be able to use credit card payments to get out of jail.

Adair County residents will soon be able to use a new form of payment to get out of jail.

The Adair County Sheriff's Office and county commissioners met with the Court Money credit card processing company Wednesday morning.

At the meeting, the county signed a one-year service contract with Court Money.

Now people who are put in jail can post bond and be released sooner by paying with a credit card.

They can even do it when they're arrested out of the county and in another part of the state.

"If they're being housed in a southern part of the state, Kansas City, or St.Louis and their bond is $1,000, they have an opportunity for family members to post bond here in Adair County. Then we could contact the other law enforcement agency and that individual can be released, so its more effective to have them released by posting bond here. It's so much more expensive to send someone down," said Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick.

Hardwick said this new form of payment will help individuals avoid racking-up jail fees. It will also help save the county tax dollars in the long run.

People will be able to pay with credit cards for both small and large bond amounts.

Hardwick hopes to get the new system up and running within the next few weeks.