Valentineâ??s Day: a day of love or a day of stress?

Thursday is February 14â?¦Valentineâ??s Day a day to be known as a day filled with love and affection for that special someone. But for many it can be known as a day of stress and fear.

â??What is it about? Is it about romance or just love or good will in your life,â?? said Angela Caraway of Mark Twain Behavioral Health.

For singles, itâ??s a day they dread all year round for fear of being felt left out with no special someone in their lives.

â??We have expectations that things need to be perfect all the time that we should maybe attached or in a relationship and that the reality is it doesnâ??t happen on a timed schedule and certainly donâ??t happen just because of this one day out of the year,â?? Caraway said.

But Valentineâ??s Day is not just a day of stress for singles but also a day of stress for couples trying to find that perfect item for that special someone.

â??I think people want to make it perfect for those in a relationship, especially in a new relationship where thereâ??s that expectation that it has to be perfect like going to dinner, getting roses and chocolates,â?? Caraway said.

Experts say you shouldnâ??t put a price tag on love just because of this special date.

â??You can not define a relationship based on one day out of the year, so we donâ??t want it to be one of those holidays you are going to be paying off your credit card for the next two months. So itâ??s really important to define what it is and what this day means,â?? Caraway said.

The bottom line is we should always cherish and show love to our loved ones every day and always make the best memories with them.

â??Go out and always do something special for the people in your life that you love and care about. Always remember to laugh even if it was an awkward Valentineâ??s when nothing goes right. Just remember to laugh,â?? Caraway said.

Behavioral experts say they donâ??t see a high number of people with the holiday blues on Valentineâ??s Day. They find it more common during Thanksgiving and Christmas.