Van Buren Community Schools welcome a new superintendent

Van Buren Community Schools welcome a new superintendent this school year.

Dr. Pam Ewell comes to Van Buren County after serving as superintendent for Mount Vernon School District for four years. Dr. Ewell says she's thrilled to be in this beautiful area of the state, working alongside a stellar group of people.

â??The school district, the families, the students, the communities have been so welcoming and excited and Miss Beams who was here before just did such a nice job putting things in the right direction, and so I really came at such a good time, and people are just open arms, ready to move forward and continue to work on the good things they've been doing, so Iâ??m really fortunate to be in such a good school district,â?? Dr. Ewell said.

We'll have more with the new superintendent, explaining what's in store for the district for the 2013-2014 school year on Friday on KTVO news.