Van Buren County Fair dedicates Saturday to the kids

The Pedal Pull was a popular event at Kids Day on Saturday

It was all about the kids at the Van Buren County Fair on Saturday as it was â??Kids Day.â??

The family atmosphere attracted many to the fair. A family reunion was what some compared the day to.

â??I have a sister here, actually I have two, and they both have younger --or they have kids with them and it's fun to see how they just automatically when they see their parents they automatically go even harder and it's like they're trying to make their parents proud even though their parents are already proud,â?? said Jacinta Wenke, Kids Day participant.

Wenke added that itâ??s really special to see the younger kids evolve each year and she remembers how proud she felt when she was that age at the fair.

Fair Board members said they really strived to make the day unforgettable for the kids and one way they did that was bringing in many interactive exhibits.

â??Iowa DNR has mobile educational exhibits here and we also have Pella Wildlife -- also has some wildlife creatures here also for the visitors to visit. Thereâ??s a lot of kids and our fair is very much for the kids and the family and we really enjoy it,â?? said Doris Strait, Van Buren County Fair Secretary.

Five-year-old Cody Strait and his three-year-old brother Caleb told KTVO that the demolition derby was their favorite event at the fair.