Van Buren High School students pack 7,000 meals for the needy

A whopping 7,000 meals were packed Friday by Van Buren High School students.

All meals will go directly to food-insecure kids all over the world.

The meals consist of rice, soy, dried vegetable and twenty vitamins and minerals. These meals will help those that are malnourished become healthy faster than regular food would.

The studentsâ?? original goal was to pack 2,000 and that goal was clearly surpassed with the 5,000 more they packed.

â??A few of us had a few months ago packed at a local church and we packed 2,000. So most of the student council members have done it once so this is just great to do it two times in a year,â?? said Robby Laughlin, Van Buren Junior.

â??They are helping kids who cannot afford to eat at the moment or do not have the chance to have a meal and it's a great expenditure. I'm very happy to see all of our Van Buren students wanting and being a part of this,â?? said Caitlyn Millard, Van Buren Junior.

The students hope to make this an annual event and pack even more meals next year.