Van Buren High School students participate in Community Service Day

Students at Van Buren High School in Keosauqua got to spend the afternoon outside of the classroom and in the community.

This was the first year for â??Community Service Dayâ?? at the high school.

Students were assigned to various places in the community to volunteer their time and do such things as planting flowers, painting fire hydrants and helping the fire department with chores.

â??We have 17 different projects going today and right at 200 students throughout the town and community heading out as we speak to get things started so we're excited about it. It's new obviously but I think the kids are going to do very well and we hope it's something we can add to next year, include our middle school and eventually hopefully include the whole community, get some civic groups and things included. Just a good opportunity to give back,â?? said Chuck Banks, Principal at Van Buren High School.

Banks said sometimes itâ??s hard for students to know how to get involved in such service projects so he hopes this is a way to jumpstart them into volunteering on a more regular basis.