Van Buren Superintendent speaks about Monday's incident at Middle School

KTVO received word from a concerned parent about an incident at Van Buren Junior High School on Monday saying a student told at least two students he would bring a gun to school and they were first on his list.

We followed up with the superintendent on Wednesday who neither denies nor confirms the incident.

She said there were several students who brought their concerns to administration saying they had heard comments that had been made that upset them making them feel unsafe.

The superintendent said those concerns were investigated and addressed in accordance to the district policies and procedures.

â??During this time at no point were students and staff at risk and that's really what I can tell you. And the situation's been addressed and we're moving on from this situation so you know I wish I could tell the public more but all students have rights and we have rules and laws that we have to follow so that's what I can tell you about the situation,â?? said Lisa Beames, Superintendent of Van Buren Community Schools.