Vander Plaats campaigning Iowa against gay marriage

Gay marriage has been a hot topic in Iowa. And one conservative is stepping up his efforts to ban the states decision.

Bob Vander Plaats is touring Iowa as part of a continuing campaign against the Iowa Supreme Court Justices who unanimously voted for gay marriage in 2009. The "Capturing the Momentum Tour" will take him to all 99 counties in the state.

Vander Plaats lost the Republican nomination for governor last year to Terry Branstad. Now he's focusing his attention on the issue of gay marriage.

"We're getting an organization in every county. With ambassadors and grass roots coordinators. So that we can activate on pro-family issues."

He fought to get three of the judges off the court and wants to see the same happen to the remaining four.

"Our focus is going to be on advancing pro family issues. We want to have a marriage amendment that the people of Iowa can vote on. We'd like to re-affirm the Defensive Marriage Act. We would like to change the selection process for judges to the Supreme Court. And we'd love to see the other four resign."

Vander Plaats went on to hold another campaign in Fairfield later in the day. He has other tour dates in Southeast Iowa. The schedule includes Albia and Ottumwa on Jan. 26th; as well as stops in Keokuk and Mahaska counties Feb. 3.