Vedic City and Jefferson County working to compromise over street jurisdiction

There has been confusion between the Vedic City City Council and Jefferson County over who has jurisdiction over streets in the area.

Vedic City has established speed limits within their corporate jurisdiction, as well as stop signs in various locations.

The problem lies in the way of the land, thereâ??s a small portion of street belonging to the city, so there is a disagreement over who sets and enforces the speed limits.

â??So it basically is just a municipality and county government working out, I donâ??t want to say jurisdictional issues, but issues regarding how they want to control the environment within the corporate limits of Vedic City and making sure to adhere to requirements and the 20 8-E agreement between the two entities spells out what the process is,â?? said Lee Dimmitt, Jefferson County Supervisor.

Dimitt said both the county and Vedic City City Council are cooperating with each other and hope to reach an agreement soon.