Vice President Biden campaigns in southeast Iowa

Vice President Biden speaks to supporters in Ottumwa.

In just nine days, Iowans will be able to start to vote in the general election. This year, the Hawkeye State is as important as ever for each campaign. With six electoral votes up for grabs, Iowa could be the deciding factor on who wins the White House.

Since 2008, Vice President Biden has made eight trips to Iowa, six of those rallying the Democratic base. In Ottumwa Tuesday, the Vice President talked about many issues, including how the Republican Party has changed.

"This is not your father's Republican Party. I mean, this is a different Republican Party," said Vice President Biden.

One thing that hasn't changed is the Vice President's stance on what the Obama Administration has done to prolong government programs, including Medicare and Social Security.

"What the President did and what we did, is we made the system, which was becoming insolvent, we made it solvent. It balances until the year 2024. More has to be done, but we've extended the life of it," said Vice President Biden.

The Vice President also went on the attack, saying that Republicans failed to help bring down the nation's debt in the last four years.

"Anything to reduce the debt, if it required one dollar, one dime; in additional taxes in people making over $1 million, they voted against. That is why there is no progress on the debt," said Vice President Biden.

As the Vice President said at the Democratic Convention, he and the President are putting the country back on the right path.

"When I hear Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan and this new Republican Party talk as they did at the convention and continue to talk about America being in decline, I don't recognize the country they live in; it's not the country I live in. We are not in decline. America is not. There is no give up in America. Gentlemen it is never ever, ever, been a good bet to bet against the American people," said Vice President Biden.