Victim takes the stand against Nicoletto

The trial of Patrick Ryan Nicoletto continued Wednesday in Davis County.

A former Davis County coach faced the girl with whom police say he had a passionate and illegal love affair.

Day two of the Ryan Nicoletto trial Wednesday morning saw the state present its case to the jury; entering evidence ranging from phone records, to a picture that the alleged victim took with Nicoletto at her graduation party.

Nicolleto is charged with one felony count of Sexual Exploitation by a School Employee.

During the questioning of the victim, the lead prosecutor in the case, Becky Goettsch, took a timeline approach to explaining the series of events that took place during the girlâ??s junior and senior years at Davis County High School.

The victim explained in her testimony how the relationship developed from a simple text message conversation and then escalated into what she called a consensual sexual relationship.

According to her testimony, the victim met Nicoletto through the basketball program at Davis County High School, where he was the freshman coach and she was a varsity star. She told the court that she got his phone number off the roster and that she texted him because she liked him. She told the court that he was nervous because she did not know what she wanted to accomplish and that he did not trust her.

In March of 2008, the two agreed to meet face to face at his house in Unionville. According to the victim, she was not sure what was going to happen. In her testimony, she says the two watched a movie and kissed, but did not have sex. When questioned by the prosecution if she was excited about the relationship at that time, she acknowledged that she was.

In April of 2008, the victim admitted that she had sex with the defendant at his house, and that it was planned. She says that she wanted to go and that the entire experience was consensual. She admitted that the relationship continued after that night and that she made regular trips to his house. She admitted that they took precautions so they would not get caught.

The victim admitted that the relationship got more serious as time went on, and that she would spend the night at his house once every week or week.

The state then presented pages of phone records to the court. The evidence showed that the two would text at all hours of the night, including while he was at work.

She admitted to the court that she thought she was in love with him.

As time moved on, the girl said that Nicoletto told her via text, while she was in Arizona, that he loved her. She thought it was a drunk text. He told her at that time that he wanted to be in an exclusive relationship, which she was excited about.

At the beginning of her senior year, the victim said that she spent more time with him. Instead of going to study hall, she would go to his house. She also admitted that he would call in sick to work sometimes, in order to spend time with her.

As time moved on, the court asked the victim about a phone call that happened between the high school principal and Nicoletto. Nicoletto did not pick up the phone, but the victim knew it was the principal that was trying to contact him.

Several weeks later, the principal called the alleged victim into his office and confronted her on the relationship, saying that he found out about it from a concerned mother. She told him it was a rumor and that it was not true.

The victim told the court that Nicoletto ended the relationship after she met with her principal, and that she was sad that it had ended.

The two met one last time. According to her testimony, he said that he loved her and they had sex.

As time went on, Nicoletto started to date someone else, the texting between the two decreased, but they continued talking.

Over time, Nicolettoâ??s new girlfriend found out about the relationship.

The prosecution asked the victim about what she told police when they contacted her in August of 2011 about Nicoletto.

According to the prosecution, the victimâ??s sister told her parents about the relationship. The victim told the court that she lied to police at first.

During the cross-examination, the defense asked the victim about how she lied to her principal, police and her parents at first. She said that she didnâ??t want people to know about it, but in the end did tell her mom.

The state rested its case on Wednesday. The defense will present their case starting Thursday.