View from the snowplow

A silent blanket of snow covered Kirksville streets.

Itâ??s the first snowstorm of 2013, and the Public Works Department is making sure the roads are safe.

â??We are mainly working on emergency and priority routes until the snow stops,â?? Public Works Department Director John Buckwalter said. â??So, we will be basically plowing and trying to control the snow on streets like Osteopathy, Franklin, LaHarpe and the priority routes that get people to the hospital.â??

I took a ride with Randy Leckbee who has been plowing Kirksville roads for years now.

â??I have fun doing it,â?? Leckbee said. â??I think itâ??s pretty fun.â??

Leckbee said depending on the amount of snow he will go over his route five or six times.

â??When you get tired you hop out (the truck), and it's cold, so it helps wake you up,â?? Leckbee said. â??You walk around your truck make sure everything is working good and nothing coming loose, breaking or falling a part.â??

Buckwalter said just because the roads are being plowed doesnâ??t mean you should not drive cautiously.

â??I just caution people that once the snow plow goes through, itâ??s going to blow the snowfall back behind it, and just because the snowâ??s not very deep it doesnâ??t mean the streets, not really slick.â??

He said they will continue to plow until the snowstorm is over.