Vilcone pleads in Osky infant death

Bryan Draper Vilcone

An Oskaloosa man accused of murdering a infant has pleaded guilty.

Twenty-five-year-old Bryan Draper Vilcone pleaded guilty to attempted murder and child Endangerment on Tuesday.

Vilcone was originally charged with first-degree murder.

In court, Vilcone acknowledged that he violently shook seven-week-old Raelynn M. Hart in April of 2013.

He also admitted that his failure to seek medical attention for Raelynn contributed to her death.

The charges Vilcone pleaded to are "B" felonies, which carry stiff sentences.

However, the plea likely cuts the years VIlcone will spend in prison.

A first-degree murder conviction in Iowa carries a mandatory life sentence.

Vilcone's sentencing hearing is set for late June.

Osky man faces murder charges in infant's death