Vintage truck enthusiasts are family at Power Wagon Rally

Events for the 26th annual International Vintage Dodge Power Rally kick off at the Fairfield Fairgrounds.

Jessica Jones attended her first Vintage Power Wagon Rally when she was just three months old, and sheâ??s been hooked ever since.

â??Yeah this Iâ??m 18, and this is my 19th rally, so my first one was when I was three months old.â?? Jones said.

Jessica and her parents travel each year from a suburb south of Chicago. They are driving a power wagon theyâ??ve restored from World War II.

â??Well weâ??ve been coming to this thing for about 20 years now,â?? Bob Jones said. â??We started back in the early 90s, and we love power wagons, we love the people, and we have a good time.â??

While organizers expect a larger crowd this weekend, people from Illinois, Minnesota and even New Jersey are in town for trucks and the people.

â??We [live] 30 minutes from East St. Louis,â?? 9-year-old Dylan Ryan said.

â??I just love Fairfield, the people in Fairfield,â?? Bob Decker, a participant from New Jersey said. â??Itâ??s more of a family reunion now than anything.â??

Decker has been attending the rally in Fairfield since it started 26 years ago.

â??I hopped in my own truck, came out here,â?? Decker said. â??It took two days to get out here, and Iâ??ve been back here ever since.â??

People who travel great distances for the festivities year after year call the Fairgrounds their home away from home.

â??This is a great time for everybody to get together and have a good time, you meet old friends, you establish friendships that last forever because they live in Chicago,â?? Jefferson County Sheriff Gregg Morton said. â??We go to their house, we come to our house. Itâ??s just great.â??

â??Coming here, I just like the people,â?? Jessica said. â??Theyâ??re like my family.â??

Events for the 26th annual International Vintage Dodge Power Rally continues the rest of the week and wraps up on Saturday. Organizers expect over 100 participants to attend.