Visitors from across the globe coming to Fairfield to 'experience the self'

People from across the country, and all over the world, will be flocking to Fairfield, Iowa next week for the first ever Experience the Self event.

The event begins Tuesday, July 10 and features art classes, music festivals, classes in yoga and transcendental meditation and offers an all-around experience of the unique culture of Fairfield.

"It actually just seemed to me, the most logical step," said Adrienne Schoenfeld, Program Director. "That for so long people have wanted to have the opportunity to see everything that we offer here, but there was no real steps to do this, so it launched and basically, at the end of March, our website went up and... in about 10 weeks, the response has been across the United States, Canada and even Europe."

Participants could sign up for a five or twelve day course, and Schoenfeld said the vast majority of the visitors are young or middle-aged women -- mothers looking for a unique cultural experience, as well as get an opportunity to learn how to alleviate stress in their lives.

"What I really hope for people is that they gain really deep rest, first of all, regardless of if they're on the five day or 12 day, and they come away with some knowledge that they can take home and implement into their own lives," Schoenfeld said. "And of course, if they're learning Transcendental Meditation, which the majority will be, they have a tool that lasts a lifetime to rid their physiology of deep stress and really give them better quality of life."

The event also features a concert series, which is open to the community. From Thursday, July 12 to Thursday, July 19, a different program will be put on in the Argiro Student Center on the Maharishi University campus from 8-9:30 p.m. Students can attend for free, and tickets are $6 for other community members.

Schoenfeld said many are already asking about attending classes and activities next year, and she would like to make it an annual event.

For more information, visit the

Experience the Self website.