Voices were heard at Legislative Forum Saturday

The Ottumwa League of Women Voters and the Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored a Legislative Forum held at the Bridge View Center on Saturday morning.

Legislators Sandra Greiner, Curt Hansen, Mary Gaskil, and Mark Chelgren all attended and fielded questions from citizens that showed up to have their voices heard.

â??The budget is almost always discussed; taxes are discussed. It just varies. We have a number system so the first people in get the first number, so it just really depends on who gets in here first to get the number,â?? says Beverly VerSteegh, the soon to be new president of the Ottumwa League of Women Voters.

Around ten questions were asked from audience members. The topics ranged from education reform to mental health reform.

â??I believe the D.O.E. (Department of Education) should be removed,â?? said Sen. Mark Chelgren.

Opinions differed between the four legislators, but everyone conducted themselves in a civil manner and anyone who wanted to was able to have their voice heard.