Volunteers clear brush for new trails

The Kirksville Leadership Institute joined in the Forest Lake Area Trail System, better known as FLATS, for the FLATS Fest.

Saturday provided the perfect weather to grab lawn tools and gloves, and head outside.

The Kirksville Leadership Institute joined the Forest Lake Area Trail System, or "FLATS," for the FLATS Fest.

Several volunteers contributed to clearing a portion of the trail that connects downtown Kirksville to Thousand Hills State Park.

They knocked down stumps and cleared brush to make a walkable path for the community to use.

â??This section here, we're starting today, but it looks like we're going to get a first pass through and then a rake, and so it will really be defined,â?? said FLATS Co-Chair Royce Kallerud. â??Then what needs to happen after that is go through remove stumps and do a sort of clean up so that itâ??s clear.â??

Theyâ??re adding unpaved single track trails that will be ready for people to walk and enjoy nature. There will be four sections of the trail for everyone to enjoy.