Volunteers create a haven for children after school

Peace Program

For four years children who once had nowhere to go after school, have been able to come the Peace Program.

Located across from P.C. Mills Park in Kirksville is Devlin Place.

And now, inside the community center at Devlin Place is the Peace Program.

Amy Burbee is the Director of the Peace Program.

The program is a place for children to study after school.

Itâ??s founded by donations and all of the workers are volunteers.

â??Weâ??re always in need of school supplies, or other furniture items,â?? Burbee said. â??We also have a clothes pantry here that we give clothes out to people in the community.â??

Burbee said the best part of the program is the children.

They're really awesome and they're fun to be around,â?? Burbee said. â??They're real exciting and they have a lot of life and energy.â??

urbee has been the director for two-and-a-half years.

She said they work with children ages four through 12.

If you want to volunteer or donate to the Peace Program, click HERE.