Volunteers honored at Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

On Sunday, volunteers with the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center were honored for their service in 2012.

The center has over 200 volunteers, assisting staff with concerts, conventions, weddings and other events that are held within the facility.

More and more, volunteers are becoming more vital to the facility, and soon could be organizing events on their own, like a group within the Detroit Symphony.

â??We are looking towards what we would call a volunteer auxiliary group; which would actually help plan events and make decisions, planning the event on their own,â?? said Sasha Luse, Volunteer Coordinator with the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.

Luse says that Cindy Woodbury, who used to work with the Detroit Symphony came up with the idea.

â??She says that they have a group called, â??The Guild,â?? which is a long standing part of the symphony; and they are volunteer run and they bring in shows and run events. So, it is something that she had thought would be a great new attribute to bring in to the convention center,â?? Luse said.

Luse added that the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center is always looking for volunteers. Those interested can contact Luse at 641-472-2000.

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