Voter question and answer session to be held in Ottumwa

The integrity of American elections has become a hot button issue. The Ottumwa Chapter of the League of Women Voter's has decided to take the issue head on.

The group is continually besieged with rumors about the election process.

Those rumors include reports of dead people and illegal immigrants casting ballots.

So the league is putting on a question and answer session to address those concerns.

Wapello County Auditor Kelly Spurgeon has agreed to take questions next Monday starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Market on Main.

Voters are asked to come prepared to ask Spurgeon about any election related concern.

League member Jean Dell says the forum is just part of the organizationâ??s mission.

â??And of concern here and everywhere in the nation, in my opinion, we ought to have 90 percent of eligible voters voting in every election. And the percentage you know is much, much smaller and we havenâ??t done a good enough job of educating all citizens,â?? Dell said.

Dell said that the league thinks local election officials do a great job protecting the integrity of the process.

She also appreciates Spurgeonâ??s willingness to meet with voters in a public forum.