Voters could be asked to vote on a new sales tax November 2014

Missouri voters could be asked in November 2014 to vote on a new transportation sales tax.

Missouri Third District State Representative Nate Walker, who is a strong supporter of transportation, told KTVO last week that federal funds are dried up, and he is co-sponsoring a sales tax bill in the State House to help make sure Missouri highways and roads stay up to date.

"This bill will allow a one cent sales tax for road construction and increase our budget on highways and infrastructures. There is a 10 year sunset on it so after 10 years, it would have to be approved again by voters. We have to get this bill passed by the house and senate. Then signed by the governor. Then it will go before the general population and to the voters maybe next November," Walker said.

Walker said there's a lot of bipartisan support for this bill in both the house and senate and from Governor Jay Nixon as well.

He expects the bill to be passed and signed soon.