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      Voters next week will decide on new jail for Macon County

      Macon County officials are hoping residents will say yes to funding for a new jail on next Tuesday's ballot.

      Macon County officials are hoping residents will say yes to funding for a new jail.

      When voters head to the polls next Tuesday, April 8, they'll be asked to vote on new taxes to go toward the new Macon County Jail.

      A new half-cent construction sales tax and new quarter-cent law enforcement sales tax will be used to build the jail. The plans also include attaching the jail to the county courthouse.

      County commissioners said they need to do this project "now" before it costs taxpayers more later.

      "With the jail in the shape is in now, we have a lot of problems. So if we don't build a new jail, we would have to transport our prisoners to other counties and the cost of that will exceed the cost of this project over the next few years," said Macon County Presiding Commissioner Alan Wyatt.

      The jail project is set to cost about $7.6 million.

      KTVO captured the deteriorating conditions of the current jail last May. Click here for previous story.

      Macon County Sheriff Kevin Shoemaker said that a new jail must be built to ensure the safety of employees and inmates. He also added that the new jail would also mean an added sense of security for the public.

      Shoemaker will be offering public tours of the current Macon County Jail Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 each evening.