Voting process just got a little easier

The scanner will alow for a faster and easier voter check-in

The June 5 Primary Election Day is just days away and now voters will have the option of making the voting process a little faster and easier for those voting at Precincts 2, 3, 9 and 10 in Wapello County.

This will be the first major election that the â??Precinct Atlas Programâ?? is offered at these County Precincts.

It uses a scanner to make the checking in process faster not only for the voter but for the election worker, as well.

â??We have where you can go in and instead of signing the poll book or paper book you can scan your driver's license now as an option or your voter registration card which will automatically bring your information up in the voter registration system,â?? said Kelly Spurgeon, Wapello County Auditor.

Voters will have the choice as to how they want to check-in and the actual voting process will be the same.

â??I believe this is another important step in my goal of ensuring that every election in Wapello County is conducted in a safe, secure and efficient manner,â?? said Spurgeon.