Walk across America leads Utah veteran through the Heartland

Utah veteran Kenyon Eastin is walking across America.

For Kenyon Eastin every day is a good day to walk.

The Navy veteran is taking a journey across America one step at a time, and he hopes to get an up close look at the country heâ??s served.

â??I want to see my country. Iâ??m not doing it to raise awareness for veterans, Iâ??m not a combat veteran, Iâ??m not disabled, uh but Iâ??m proud of my service, you know I want to see my country, and I want to meet people and see if I can do it,â?? said Eastin.

The road hasnâ??t always been easy though.

â??I didnâ??t think I could make it, I almost quit my first day,â?? said Eastin.

But the kindness of good people along the way gets him through each day.

â??I didnâ??t expect people to be like this, as awesome as they are,â?? he said.

Those are â??road angels,â?? as Eastin refers to them, and the people of the Heartland are no exception.

â??Heartland People are awesome, theyâ??re awesome,â?? he said.

Walking along Highway 136 approaching Lancaster Thursday, Eastin hit a snag in the road. His left wheel bent and one spoke broke, so pushing it along was no easy task. Lucky for him a road angel was waiting just ahead.

â??I got some bailing wire from a guy and I was able to use some of the bailing wire to fix some of the spokes and I kind of tweaked on them a little. And theyâ??re actually, considering what they were, theyâ??re not bad now,â?? said Michael Filkins.

Funny enough, Filkins actually served in the Navy with Eastin 25 years ago.

â??Money canâ??t buy this stuff. Money canâ??t buy it, you canâ??t plan it, itâ??s just itâ??s awesome,â?? said Eastin.

Filkins has been following Eastinâ??s journey on Facebook, and when he saw the plea for help he made the trip from Columbia to see his old comrade.

â??Actually Iâ??ve got relatives following him, friends following him, I think he has over 3,200 followers right now, so heâ??s got a lot of support,â?? said Filkins.

Itâ??s support like that, that gives Eastin the strength to carry on.

â??Someone who will literally buy shoes for me, which happened in Champaign Illinois, or will drive by and stick their arm out the window and wave. That right there keeps me going,â?? he said.

Kindness in action. Itâ??s not something Eastin expected to find, but itâ??s something heâ??ll never forget.

â??Here I am in Lancaster Missouri, at 11 hundred miles or something, and itâ??s changed my life, itâ??s awesome,â?? Eastin said.

And with every step he takes, that faith in humanity only continues to grow.

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