Walk on Art Street attracts many to downtown Ottumwa

4th annual Walk on Art Street took place in Ottumwa on Saturday

Despite the dreary weather, around 38 artists from all over Iowa set up booths displaying their eclectic masterpieces on Saturday at the 4th annual Walk on Art Street in Ottumwa.

â??All different kinds of colors, textures, mediums -- you know it's the whole gamut. Weâ??ve got a lady that makes dolls, we have paintings, we have sculptors, we have ceramics, we have paper. So all kinds of neat stuff,â?? said Fred Zesiger, President of Main Street Ottumwa.

Julie McCullough was one of the many artists featured at the art walk. Magical and whimsical characters are what she calls her dolls made out of fabric.

She said what she enjoys most are the reactions of those viewing her creations.

â??A lot of surprise. A lot of people have never seen this type of dolls. These really aren't toys as much as they are sculptures and that's not something people are familiar with all that much,â?? said McCullough.

Artist Richard Dutton is a four-year veteran of the Walk on Art Street. He paints everything from realistic to abstract paintings.

He said he sells quite a few paintings each year which is one of the main reasons he keeps coming back.

â??I like to sell a little bit too. Money always helps as they say,â?? said Dutton.