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      Walker is on Nixon's side with House Bill 253

      Missouri lawmakers across the state are working along with the governor to make sure one bill does not become state law.

      As we brought to you Tuesday night, Governor Jay Nixon visited Kirksville to discuss the impact of House Bill 253.

      Nixon vetoed it in June, saying that it would force dramatic cuts to education, raise taxes on prescription drugs, serious risks to Missouri's fiscal health and the state's long standing AAA credit rating.

      Local State Representative Nate Walker is on Nixon's side and is hoping that lawmakers do not override the governor's veto.

      "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure we don't override this bill and jeopardize public education. Particularly Truman State University funding, our disabled community and mental health community, and elementary/secondary education," Walker said.

      Nixon says the bill would drain $260 million from public schools throughout the state each year.

      Walker is planning to meet with local school boards in his district before he and the Missouri Legislature return to the capitol on September 14 for its annual veto session.